What is a Real Estate professional?

A Real Estate professional is a licensed real estate agent or broker who independently works in the real estate industry to procure a buyer or seller for the purpose of a Real Estate transaction. Most professionals specialize in a specific niche market. Specialties range from residential which includes (Single-Family, Condominium, Townhouse, Land, etc) to commercial which includes (Apartments/Multi-Family, Office, Retail, Industrial, etc). For the astute professional with taking education into consideration, may specialize in investment Real estate which consists of (Residential, Commercial, REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), Tax Lien Certs, etc). Which ever path you choose to take in the Real Estate world one thing is for certain. You NEED the education to become a professional.

Real Estate Professional


Do you Qualify to become a professional?

The first steps in becoming a Real Estate professional is qualifying

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age
  • Complete a number of required courses
  • pass an exam

After passing the examination some states then require additional information. It is best to be familiar with the Real Estate Commission of the state which is being applied for.

Once the examination and registration has been cleared through the state you will finally become a Real Estate sales agent.


Upgrading a Real Estate Sales Agent License.

Some experience is needed to upgrade a Real Estate Sales Agent license to a Real Estate Brokers license.  While each state may vary, generally a candidate needs 1-3 years of experience under a qualified Broker and take some additional training courses. In addition some states may take a bachelor's degree as a substitute in place of the additional training courses. Consequently just remember to always check with your Real Estate commission for your states regulations and guidelines to verify what is needed for the next step of your career. For example, the Real Estate commission in Florida is FREC (Florida Real Estate Commission).



Every Licensee must renew their license. This goes for Real Estate Sales Agents and Real Estate Brokers. Depending on the state most licenses are renewed every 2-4 years. Continuing education courses must be completed and in most cases a renewal application must be completed and signed.


Education is Key.

Following these guidelines will ensure a clear path to professionalism, however these are just the beginning steps. In this vast world of Real Estate there are so many options and specializations to come across. the key is to find which path is most suitable to take and to get the education necessary for mastering that niche. It can come in many forms such as an experienced mentor, a book or even taking a course.  Therefore which ever path you choose, choose wisely and remember education is key.